To Worksite including Health Facilities and Schools

To Worksite including Health Facilities and Schools

Business in Bahrain and other Gulf countries are currently facing many challenges: the oil crisis, economic crisis and limited size market yet highly competitive.  All of these factors create a growing demands for increased productivity.  The health condition of employees is playing a major role, where it can be either a cost or an asset to the business.

In Gulf region, in average 7 adult 0ut of 10 are either overweight or obese. One out of two don’t exercise regularly. Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are the main cause of mortality and morbidity. Therefore, if no action taken to halt this epidemic the number will be doubled in the coming years  

Employees are spending at least 8 hours daily at work. This make it a perfect platform to encourage healthy life style and promote health.

Research documents cost-benefit ratios of between USD $3 and $8 for every $1 invested in health promotion programs within 5 years of being launched (Aldana 2001; Goetzel et al 1998; Anderson, Serxner and Gold 2001).

In fact, it is a common sense to say that a workplace wellness programs have many benefit for employees, employer and the organization. 

Furthermore, the UN high-level meeting on non-communicable disease prevention and control in 2011 called on the private sector to “promote and create an enabling environment for healthy behaviors among workers.

Some of benefits due to worksite health promotion are as fellow:

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Better performance

High spirit team work

Friendly Culture

More competitive

More productive

More profit