Our Story

Aspire Action Achievement Consultancy (AAA) established on November 2015. However due to unforseen circumstance it start working on October 2017. It is a first private company in Bahrain focus on health education, health promotion and quality of life

We are a group of Bahraini professionals of doctors, nurses and pharmacist with more than 100 years of experience at ministry of health in the fields of primary health care, secondary health care, psychiatric hospital, health education and health promotion who are able and willing to employ our professional expertise to serve you

We work in partnership with our customers to aspire them with knowledge, skills, right mindset and right attitude, which can be translated into action on daily basis to achieve better health and enhance quality of their life through awareness, assessment, self-discovery, education , training ,coaching and transforming

We also organize health event, and promote health product.


State of art, unique and leading provider recognized for providing high quality services within its field locally and regionally.

AAA is dedicated to help people to enhance quality of their lives  

Our Values
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Team Spirit
  • Collaboration

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